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This book was written to share the story of a young man’s desire to fulfill his God-given purpose. This journey puts on display the fragileness of his life that began in his childhood, which reveals traumatic experiences like homelessness and being blood poisoned as well as physical and emotional abuse. It also shows how he chose, through his incredible desire and determination, not to quit or allow those difficulties to define his life but chose to let his faith in God be the bridge that transforms him. Through it all, he learns the value of pushing past the pain to pursue his God-given purpose. He has realized that everyone that reaches greatness in God will experience measure of challenges, but he has also grown to realize the key to overcoming many of life’s troubles can be turned around in a positive way by possessing the proper perspective that releases one’s potential that provides the energy to be persistent in pursuing your purpose. 

From the Incubator to the Kingdom Excerpt:

From the Incubator to the Kingdom is an actual depiction  of a young man’s life who encounters God at an early age and journeys  through the heartache of physical and emotional abuse, homelessness,  while facing a serious illness brought on by blood poisoning. He invites  his readers to share this incredible journey that demonstrates the  development of his faith in God from infancy to maturity, which gives  him the strength to be victorious in overcoming his personal struggles  as he pursues his appointed purpose of impacting the earth for God. 

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This memoir gave me an account that everyone faces different obstacles; no doubt requires an aggressive heart and an intestinal fortitude to be competitive in life's trials! Being a stepfather is a purpose!

 -Barrett Brooks BS, MBA, HCM and 2005 Super Bowl 'XL' Champ



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