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A  practical, therapeutic, and spiritual perspective on handling some of  the complex challenges encountered by blended families today.

Blending To Make It: Ingredients for a Successful Blended Family: Excerpt

Don’t Expect Things To Be Perfect~They Won’t

The expectations of marrying into the blended family can be misconstrued. Many remarried couples feel that this time around it will be different. They think, “I am wiser, more experienced, and married to a totally different person.” In theory, all of those statements sound good, but the truth is you shouldn’t expect things to be perfect. Yes, you may be wiser, more experienced, and yes, this person you’re married to is different. So are the people you’re now connected to through this blended family.

Don’t lose sight of the fact that you are getting involved with people who have experienced the brokenness of divorce or death.

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A Must Read!

If you are a single parent on the dating scene; if you are childless  but dating someone with a child; if both of you have your own children  and are thinking about marriage; or if you are currently in a blended  family arrangement, then you MUST read this book!  Dr. Mangum speaks  from experience from inheriting a step-father as a kid; to being a  step-father but with no children of his own; to being a single dad on  the dating scene; to re-marrying and blending two families with  children.  

~ Patricia Terrell, Radio One Network



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