About Me


My Experiences

 As a Preacher of the Gospel for which I  have had the privilege of sharing God’s Word for over forty years as a  Pastor, Teacher, Evangelist and Youth Leader. During my time as a spoke  person for God I have been afforded the incredible opportunity to  minister church revivals, men’s ministry, youth ministry and marriage  ministry across the United States for different religious denominations  and faith-based organizations. I am also available to speak on any  Biblical subject and occasion that require my services. 


A Community Activist

As a volunteer and public servant, Dr. Mangum leads a prayer group that provides intentional prayer for anyone in need of encouragement and hope.  He also assists those who are going through extenuating circumstances and those that are homeless, hungry and destitute. Oftentimes after prayer through his church, he would provide them with finances to assist them with getting food for themselves and their family. This ministry reflects God’s commandment that we are to love one another and communicate God’s love. 

Dr. Duane E. Mangum

My Journey

Dr. Mangum, is a 25 year retired Air Force veteran, who received an associate’s degree in Applied Science with a concentration in Education and Training Management from the Community College of the Air Force.  Dr. Mangum also has earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Business Administration from Concordia University and later earned his Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Counseling from Trinity College of the Bible and Trinity Theological Seminary.   

Dr. Mangum is a Seminar Facilitator, Leadership Trainer, Lifestyle Coach, Community Outreach Activist, Mentor and Motivational Speaker.

Originally from Alexandria, Virginia, he and his wife Michele, reside in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area. 



American Association of Christian Counselors


SYMBIS Certified


Black Speakers Network

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